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Our Covid related resources page includes a list of some existing resources which may be useful when researching issues related to COVID Australian Institute of Health and Welfare PHE Canberra: AIHW. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Get citations as an Endnote file : Endnote. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is a major cause of preventable disease and illness in Australia. This report consolidates the most recently available information on alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Australia, and includes key trends in the availability, consumption, harms and treatment for vulnerable populations. Further, information on a range of health, social and economic impacts of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use are highlighted. People who inject drugs experience considerably poorer health outcomes than other drug users.

Intersex dating: Finding love across the intersection

The current period of health reform in Australia offers an opportunity for positive actions to be taken to address the significant challenges that lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and other sexuality, sex and gender diverse LGBTI people face in the health system. This paper provides analysis of why this group should be considered a priority health group using a social determinants of health framework, which has, to date, largely been ignored within primary health care policy reform in Australia.

Several key areas of the primary health care reform package are considered in relation to LGBTI health and well-being. Practical suggestions are provided as to how the primary health care sector could contribute to reducing the health inequities affecting LGBTI people. It is argued that care needs to be taken to ensure the reform process does not further marginalise this group. Abstract The current period of health reform in Australia offers an opportunity for positive actions to be taken to address the significant challenges that lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and other sexuality, sex and gender diverse LGBTI people face in the health system.

Please refer to each organisation’s website for the most up-to-date Intersex Human Rights Australia — Support and education by and for.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Romance is hard, no matter who you are. For people with intersex traits, connection poses unique challenges. Story highlights Intersex bodies are surrounded by a lot of misinformation and mythology Differences of anatomy may be evident at birth, later in life or not at all Intimate connections can be difficult due to shame, stigma or physical difficulty Experts advocate for early, honest communication with children born with intersex traits.

There’s a vocabulary of protection used around the intersex community — of “escape” from sex assignment surgery to normalize their genitals, of PTSD and survivorship, of guilt from some whose bodies remain intact. There’s also a shared experience of shame, secrecy and disconnection borne of being treated like a physical mistake. They arrived in the world with genetic mutations that affect them at intimate levels, and were taught to believe, often since birth, that their very existence is a condition that needs to be corrected.

The path to romantic connection with another human can feel isolated and impassible. The risk, impossible. Activists like Bo Laurent, Jim Ambrose and Pidgeon Pagonis have made it their mission to guide people with intersex traits and differences of sex development, known as DSD, toward understanding their own worth in the world. They’re demanding visibility and justice in a culture that has long mythologized, marginalized and misunderstood their bodies. And some of them are hoping to find love with someone who truly sees them.

Hysterectomy in a phenotypic male with advanced gonadal malignancy and intersex

Short title Schedule s The Parliament of Australia enacts:. Any other statement in column 2 has effect according to its terms.

Intersex variations are atypical sex characteristics (Organisation Intersex International [OII] Australia, b); these sex characteristics.

The ruling, won 6 votes to 3, found that discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender identity is covered by the Civil Rights Act of Spokesperson for advocacy group just. Human rights advocate Alistair Lawrie raised the issue with then Minister Craig Laundy, who gave assurances that his concerns were covered by the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act. Greig said current consultations between government, business and unions to reform industrial relations laws in Australia was an ideal opportunity to raise this issue.

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Queensland intersex advocate Alex David appears on ABC’s ‘You Can’t Ask That’

People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex or queer LGBTIQ experience intimate partner violence at similar rates as those who identify as heterosexual. There has been an invisibility of LGBTIQ relationships in policy and practice responses and a lack of acknowledgement that intimate partner violence exists in these communities. Beliefs that privilege heterosexual relationships affect victims’ experiences as well as policy and practice responses.

Homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism affect the experience of, and responses to, intimate partner violence in LGBTIQ populations. Service providers lack awareness and understanding of the LGBTIQ population and their experience of intimate partner violence. The LGBTIQ acronym is used to refer to people who are from sexually or gender diverse communities and who may identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex or queer.

Syndrome Support Group Australia (AISSGA); Organisation Intersex International (OII), games), and to engage in or show interest in dating.

Popular help topics: online courses, tailored training, consultancy, membership. Cost free. Certificate of Completion. Suitable for people working in:. Lived experiences past and present. You will learn about the shared history that older LGBTI people have lived through, as well as well as deepening Implementation to practice. Online courses. Online courses contain modules that have been grouped together based on their topic area.

Caring for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people with dementia

The show allows people from various marginalised or misunderstood groups and communities to answer a wide range of questions that have been submitted anonymously by the public. The fourth series of the show began screening last week and its third episode for the year features eight intersex Australians, including Queenslander Alex David pictured. Close to two percent of the population is born with intersex traits — similar to the number of people born with red hair — but intersex infants often undergo irreversible and unnecessary surgeries that can cause sterilisation, health issues and psychological harm.

In , a group of intersex advocates came together in Sydney to publish the landmark Darlington Statement , an outline of priorities for the intersex community. Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter.

Differences/disorders of sex development (DSD) or ‘intersex’ encompass a broad range of To date, evidence suggests sex of rearing is an important but imperfect Unfortunately, access to psychological support is limited in Australia and.

When OkCupid expanded the available gender and orientation options, we realized there was a larger conversation taking place. Here are descriptions from those who claim these words for themselves. Genders 22 Orientations Agender is an identity under the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. Agender individuals find that they have no gender identity, although some define this more as having a gender identity that is neutral.

I am agender because I do not identify as being any specific gender. I am not an ‘it’ and I am not ‘broken,’ just neutral in the gender game! Even though I may choose to dress traditionally ‘masculine’ one day and ‘feminine’ the next, it does not determine my gender. Gender roles and the concept of heteronormativity is outdated and harmful to non binary people.

Agender is a term that refers to people who feel they don’t align with a gender, have a distinct lack of gender, or even a neutral gender.

How to use Lex, a queer dating app with no profile photos or cisgender men

This includes a person with an intersex status. The sex of a person may include the gender assigned to a post-operative transsexual. Sexual harassment has been found to constitute sex discrimination. It is unlawful to take adverse action on the basis that a person is, or is believed to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. This feedback is only about content on this page and will be used to improve website usability.

The comments are not monitored for personal information or workplace complaints.

Australian Human Rights Commission: this independent body promotes and intersex (LGBTI) health and wellbeing policy and resource unit.

Check out our new website! Our new name reflects who we are and what we do. This website is no longer being updated and may contain information, resources, and opinions that are out of date. IPSA will continue to archive this site for historical purposes and in case you have been directed here from another website. We support members both in Australia and overseas that have any grade of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, and support any issues relevant to living with AIS. These issues include infertility, disclosure, hormone therapy, gender identity, surgical intervention of children with intersex variations, sexual intimacy, etc.

We acknowledge that people with intersex variations including AIS range from female to male and anywhere in between. This information is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the website undertake the responsibility for assessing the accuracy of its content and that they rely on it entirely at their own risk. Website Design : hartflicker. Last update : 18 April, Website Design : hartflicker. The AISSG Australia believes in a holistic model of health as per the World Health Organisation definition of ‘health’: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”.

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The new app Lex was born out of Personals, a photo-free Instagram service that emulated traditional newspaper ads. The pair first started talking on Instagram in January, through a popular account that offered a contemporary version of traditional newspaper personal ads. Owens, a year-old artist and professor, had never had much luck on dating apps, but the Personals page was different.

It did not use photos, but instead featured a long list of bios of queer and trans people looking for internet friends, lovers or partners across the globe.

(3rd Wednesday in October – annually); Intersex Awareness Day To stay informed and up-to-date with information about these days of owners of the land we operate on across Australia and remind people that we are on Aboriginal land.

The RANZCP acknowledges the importance of using appropriate terminology when discussing issues of sexual, sex and gender identity Smith et al. The text box below provides an overview of some key terms used in Australia and New Zealand. Clinicians should, however, be mindful of the importance of individual preferences regarding terminology and identity, as well as preferred pronouns.

Clinicians should also be aware of the rapidity with which language and terminology can change and develop in this area. Clinicians should undertake additional research or inquiry with relevant organisations as appropriate please refer to the list of resources below for more information. Key terminology in Australia and New Zealand. Equivalent statistics are not currently available for New Zealand though questions about sexual identity are being considered for inclusion in the census Statistics New Zealand, Statistical information on gender diversity in Australia and New Zealand is scarcer still although how best to gather this information is being considered for both the Australian and New Zealand censuses Statistics New Zealand, ; ABS, One study of New Zealand high school students found that approximately 1.

There are no firm figures for people with intersex variations, and estimates range considerably although 1. Many gay or bisexual Australian and New Zealander men have a lived experience of sodomy laws, which were repealed in in New Zealand and between and in the various jurisdictions of Australia Crameri et al. Approximately 72 countries worldwide continue to legislate against homosexuality, including 8 where homosexuality is punishable by death Duncan, ICD has undergone significant revisions to ensure that disorders relating to sexuality and gender identity reflect contemporary evidence while appropriately distinguishing between health conditions and private behaviours Reed et al.

Legal and medical institutions are becoming increasingly inclusive.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI)

Written by SpunOut. If you are looking for more information about being intersex you can read our article “What is Intersex? Most intersex individuals use a male or female gender identity and this suggests that they do identify as men or women.

Title: Intersex: Stories and Statistics from Australia Publication Date: The potential to have intersex variations – to be born with atypical sex.

The views in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of those organisations or networks. This is part of a major series called Advancing Australia, in which leading academics examine the key issues facing Australia in the lead-up to the federal election and beyond. Read the other pieces in the series here. The huge crowd erupted. Hugging, crying, comfort, joy. That was one of the happiest moments of my life, along with December 7 , when marriage equality legislation passed the federal parliament.

For younger generations, this was the moment one of our defining and most hard-fought social movements had succeeded. We had won, despite the barriers put in front of us and the damaging impact of the postal survey. In the aftermath of marriage equality becoming law, the federal government commissioned the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom, with the report eventually released in December.

Much of the reaction to this inquiry has centred on existing exemptions that allow religious schools to discriminate against LGBT students, teachers, staff and contract workers these federal exemptions do not apply on the basis of intersex status.

Intimate partner violence in lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer communities

The Census is authorised to collect information specifically on Sex through the Census Regulations. Self-reported sex or, in many cases, gender is used for a range of purposes including population projections, estimates of life expectancy, family structure and gender comparisons. Until the Census, there were few ways of reporting anything other than male or female.

This article was first released in June and was updated in December to include additional information on reported descriptions of sex and gender diversity.

Intersex activists from Australia and New Zealand issue the heed the simple fact that, to date, research does not support the practice of.

This item is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Research UNE. Humans are simultaneously more similar in their sex development, and more diverse, than is commonly appreciated or understood. Females and males are not made of wildly different ingredients. The potential to have intersex variations – to be born with atypical sex characteristics – exists for all humans in the first few weeks of their prenatal development. However, most of us know little about intersex variations. This is only partly due to their occasional invisibility.

Intersex people have historically faced deep social stigma – the assumption that they were simply bizarre aberrations from the human norm. Furthermore, intersex infants have been widely subjected to systematic institutional mistreatment, particularly within medical settings. Finally, some people with intersex variations have simply tried to integrate themselves unnoticed into the socially accepted categories of male and female.

What it Means to be Intersex with Emily Quinn